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>>/tv/489 If you are getting sick of Hollywood try this Show. https://kissasian.sh/Drama/Doctor-X
>>/tv/488 sniggers
>>/tv/487 >>486 sneed
>>/tv/486 Who the fuck cares? The sneedtistics don’t lie. The old simpson farm was 80% city slicker in the 80’s and is now a little under
>>/tv/485 there is nothing paranormal about sneedthing oxygen
>>/tv/484 hopefully one where she can safely sneedthe oxygen
>>/tv/483 >>481 Start with the fundamentals: feeding right, getting enough seed, excersise, etc. Once you have a clearer mind, prosneed f
>>/tv/482 uh oh....SNEED!! CHUCK!!!!!!! AHAHAHH FEED AND SEED!!!!!!!!!!! YYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAH AHAHAH AHAHAHA FUNNY SNEED! SNEED
>>/tv/481 >>480 Your friend has a seed for a feed, dude. He hates life itself.
>>/tv/480 No sneed god let it die now
>>/tv/479 People who weren't Sneedless freaks didn't have fuck and sucks before 1995. And gucci loafers didn't start using it until 2005 w
>>/tv/478 >>476 Chuck demands sacrifice.
>>/tv/476 *SIGHS* Somehow Sneed has returned.
>>/tv/475 B + RP
>>/tv/474 Based
>>/tv/473 >>469 the special fx were ok in the first trilogy. the story was always mediocre
>>/tv/472 >>469 As what others said, the OT was kino. Prequels had issues but STILL was kino Sequels are just Disney sjw kike psy op tras
>>/tv/471 >>469 The creativity in the prequels in terms of the expanded universe is undeniable imo, but overall the series is just a luke
>>/tv/470 A New Hope and Empire are legitimately good movies whether you're a star wars fan or not. All of the rest fair from mediocre to
>>/tv/469 Was star wars always shit?
>>/meta/97 >>48 u mad??
>>/tv/468 >>465 A24 shills piss me off but I have to concede that every year at least one or more of my top films will be distributed by
>>/meta/96 >>95 I hate moot so much
>>/tv/467 They want to bring back the messiah.  http://www.jewfaq.org/mashiach.htm https://web.archive.org/web/20181021015710/http://triu
>>/tv/466 Niggers
>>/tv/465 >>464 this but also fuck jews, baby yoda, A24 shills, all non-trad non-amish women, reptilians and glowniggers
>>/meta/95 >>92 you have to be careful because formerlychucks.com is banned text
>>/meta/94 >>92 Yeah this is really great, but it's a bit dead.
>>/meta/93 >>48 lol
>>/tv/463 P6RXeCKhGWkH
>>/tv/462 isNvKEwQtIQS


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